4th project newsletter is online!

Three international events to talk about breast prevention and the results of the Prolepsis project.

In the final months (February – March 2022) of the Prolepsis project, the main objective is to disseminate the results achieved and maximise the benefits, allowing a wide audience of stakeholders to learn about the main products produced and engage with the members of the project’s consortium.
With this aim, 3 events will be realized, in Italy, Portugal and Cyprus, aimed to meet informal caregivers, health professionals and organizations that could play a multiplier role, e.g. associations addressed to caregivers and organizations offering ICT trainings. The contents of all the events will include the dissemination of the Research Report of the first Output of the project, the presentation of the training programme developed for women caregivers, the Prolepsis APP, the results of the piloting of the Prolepsis training programme and the Prolepsis App in Cyprus, Italy and Portugal and the E-book for caregivers containing the whole experience of the project.
Participants will be actively engaged during the event as they will have the opportunity to practically experience the methodologies developed and to listen to the point of view of caregivers and professionals who took part in the pilot.

Prolepsis event in Cyprus, Italy and Portugal
Below is the calendar of meetings in the different countries involved in the Prolepsis project.

For information and further details on the scheduled national events, download the newsletter in: